Khangai Mountains

Montañas Khangai
Montañas Khangai

Khangai Mountains – this is an old mountain range in central Mongolia (located 400 km. west of the capital), known for its broad, warped dome-shaped mountains covered with grass and trees. The area encompasses several natural zones including mountain and mountain steppe areas, Siberian taiga and forests. Fertile soil and numerous rivers, streams and lakes support a variety of plants and the area habitat to a huge array of animal species.

Khangai has become a generally used term by Mongolians to describe the entire lush forest-steppe area to the north as opposed to the southern desert, which is called Govi. The intermediary steppe area is called Kheer or Tal. The word Khangai is composed of the verb “khanga-” which means “provide, supply with necessities” and the Mongolian nominalizing suffix “-ai”. The word Khan (King) is also a possible root, probably even related to the verb “khanga-“. Therefore, Khangai is usually interpreted as provident lord, munificent king, generous gracious lord or bountiful king. The ancient name denotes the sacredness of the mountain and the special place it holds in the hearts of those who depend on it.


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